Abryl’s Research & Development (R&D) is focused towards developing new products, improving existing products, drug delivery systems and expanding product applications. Abryl’s team is focussed on overcoming and resolving complex chemical challenges. The In-house R&D forms the backbone of our operations.

About R&D Centre

  • The R&D Centre is located in the industrial premises of Abryl Laboratories situated at Village Bhagwanpur, Dera Bassi.
  • A state of the art laboratory with dedicated formulation development lab, analytical lab & formulation lab.
  • Equipped with sophisticated machinery & equipments to meet strict regulatory requirements of the pharma world.
  • The Lab has been designed by IPS International consultants with each room placed and sized as per requirement. R&D building is environment friendly, energy efficient with heat management concept, naturally lit, complying with green building norms. there shall be no cross movement of any of the above. The Lab’s design has been appreciated by multiple auditors of various MNCs and regulatory authorities.


  • An excellent team of scientists with vide experience in developing generic liquid and Lyophilized products .
  • The center is equipped with the following 21 CFR compliant machines/equipment
    • Lyophilizer [Tofflon Make]
    • HPLC Systems [Agilent Technologies]
    • GC System [Agilent Technologies]
    • FTIR System [PerkinElmer]
    • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer [PerkinElmer]
    • Potentiometric Autotitrator [Metrohm]
    • KF Autotitrator [Metrohm]
    • Electronic Micro balances [Sartorius]
    • Stability Chambers as per ICH requirements [Newtronic]
    • Photo-stability Chamber as per ICH requirements
    • Osmometer [Advanced Instruments]
    • Head Space and Dissolved Oxygen meter [PreSens]
    • Laboratory pH Meter [Metrohm]
    • Water Purification System [ELGA]
    • Vacuum Oven
    • Hot Air Ovens
    • Centrifuge
    • Autoclave
    • Ampoule Filling and Sealing machine [Harsiddh]
  • 50 KLD effluent cum sewage treatment plant treats all effluent and grey water generated form R&D building, production unit & other buildings to tertiary level. The treated water is used for irrigation of land scape bringing down requirement of fresh water to almost nil.
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